Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Plain Resurfacing | Concrete Stencil Spraying

Your concrete driveway no longer needs to be grey and dull because you can now turn your boring concrete into a work of art that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbours. At Royal Concrete Resurfacing we strive to provide lasting spray on concrete and paving solutions for homes and businesses across Sydney.

The purpose of resurfacing is that it will only be a fraction of the time, price and inconvenience of taking out your existing concrete and replacing it with a new one which is most common when it comes to your driveway. Most existing concrete surfaces including driveways can be saved via different resurfacing methods.

This process is also known by other names in Sydney, such as spray on paving, driveway spray paving, stencilcrete, driveway stencilling and others. The process of stencilling your existing concrete driveway with a stencil pattern is known as stencilcrete. Resurfacing is a sprayed on durable cement coating that is applied onto your existing concrete floor and driveway to give it beauty and texture. Please note we no longer offer re-stencilling as a service which is the application of a new stencil pattern over your existing surfaces. We are only offering either a single uniform colour or colour with a fleck/speckle to our Sydney customers. We can however remove any existing patterns before the resurfacing coating is applied or apply our coating directly over your existing pattern which means your pattern profile will be visible underneath our resurfacing coating.

We bring years of knowledge and experience and are constantly raising the bar in performance, aesthetics, and affordability in the resurfacing industry. We only use the best of products and never compromise on quality, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience with us.

Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Preparation is key, and if not followed properly, good money and time can be wasted. It is vital that a proper preparation process is followed to ensure the resurfaced material adheres and bonds to your concrete properly especially when it comes to your driveway where there will be vehicle traffic.

There is a wide range of plain or flecked colours to choose from for your existing driveway.

We take extreme care of our surroundings to ensure the place is left in a clean and tidy manner after the process is finished.

A good point to keep in mind is that the first thing people notice when they come to your house is your driveway. Resurfacing your driveway increases the value of your property and compliments its surroundings.

Royal Concrete Resurfacing leads the industry in plain resurfacing in Sydney and its suburbs.

We specialise in the repair and the beautification of your existing concrete. Contact us today to arrange a free quote.

The Process

Measure and Quote the Concrete That Will be Resurfaced

The first question regarding this process always involves exactly how much it costs. This is something that can be determined by a few different factors, one of them being the actual size of the job itself. It can take the same amount of time for a contractor to do 10 square meters as it would to do 100 square meters.

The cheaper rate for larger jobs isn’t necessarily feasible for jobs that are smaller in size. While smaller-sized jobs are certainly never out of the question, it’s important to keep in mind all additional labour charges that are typically included in this quote.

Accessibility is also an important factor, as breaking up different jobs into different areas is something that can be rather time consuming. The overall price can vary because of aspects such as substrate preparation and condition, as some jobs may require additional products to allow for better levelling.

Planning and Designing Your Concrete Resurfacing Project

The first step involves selecting your desired top coat colour to be applied over your base coat. This is applied to either a plain or existing stencil patterned driveway noting we currently do not offer new stencilcrete services where we create new patterns; we simply spray over existing stencil patterns to help rejuvenate driveways.

The second step involves selecting fleck colours, which are completely optional. These features help to provide more of a natural authentic look to help further enhance a finished job. Generally, you should consider choosing between one and three of these colours to either help contrast against your main colour or blend in with a different shade.

Clean and Prepare for Resurfacing

To be successful in this kind of job, the main key is preparation. Depending on the particular area, each job is typically pressure washed in order to help remove any unwanted contaminants.

Application of Concrete Resurfacing System

Priming the Concrete:

The surface is completely primed and ready for a base coat to be applied.

Base Coat:

A thin layer is applied over the concrete in order to provide a clean base that can be worked with.

Spraying a Top Coat:

A Concrete Resurfacing Compound is thoroughly sprayed over the entire surface.

Clean and Seal:

All tapes are removed and the entire area is swept clean. A sealant is applied to the whole area o fully protect it.

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