Resurface Your Pebblecrete Driveway, Patio or Poolside

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In the early 60’s, everyone had opted for pebblecrete driveways because they had a non-slip surface. They served their purpose back then but now, after a gap of 50 years, these driveways are not attractive looking anymore. They look ugly, old and tired.

They are present everywhere be it Sydney’s northern or eastern suburbs. If you are done with letting these ugly little buggers spoiling the look of your driveway, then you can simply choose from the varied attractive and non-slip surfaces for your patio’s, pools or driveways. This minor renovation would offer a well-deserved face lift to your home and make it more attractive.

Pebblecrete Driveway

People often associate pebblecrete with being old, dirty, worn out, filled with stains and colours, something that easily gets filthy, persistent stains that won’t come off, driveway looking bad and ruining the look of the house, rusty and oil stained among other things.

Cleaning pebblecrete is neither cheap nor easy. Even if you found a way to get rid of the stains, your solutions were short lived as the pebblecrete gets new stains too easily. The mould/algae will bring you back to the start again.

One thing you may try is using natural products designed to clean pebblecrete along with making use of a high-pressure water cleaner. Your other bets were to use strong chemicals or scrubbing the surface with a stainless steel wire brush which takes a lot of effort. We bet that you didn’t find any of these options suitable, did you?

Have you ever thought of replacing the sad looking pebblecrete and realized that it’s very simple and cost effective? There are a lot of non-slippery surface options available that can help you get rid of the old and ugly pebblecrete.

These surfaces would enhance the beauty of your home. No ripping off or breaking is needed to replace the pebblecrete, our team can simply put the new surface over the old one.

Our experts would be happy to analyse your situation and then decide which solution is the best for you, getting rid of pebblecrete before adding a new surface or simply covering the pebblecrete with the new surface. You can ask our experts as many questions as you like regarding the process and they’ll be happy to serve you.

Do you know that your home can look great by just updating the driveway, pool, and patio with a surface that has got fresh colours, designs and patterns? We have a wide variety of modern looking concrete colours, concrete stencils and stamped concrete patterns available for you.

Initially, we can discuss your individual needs and discuss the results you are expecting. Our team would present you with various designs so that you can choose the ones you like best. We can manage most designs within a week.

What will happen after you get a fresh new driveway that makes your home look stunning? Imagine when you are tired from the work, you come home to a driveway that dazzles and enhance the beauty of your home, won’t you feel fantastic?

Apart from making your driveway a vital element that enhances the beauty of your home, we can make your poolside and patios look gorgeous too. Please check our image gallery to see how we are making the lives of people living in an around Sydney area better by designing flawless patios, driveways and poolside.

We do the job right and we do it quick. We guarantee your satisfaction when you hire us to beautify your driveway, patio or poolside.

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