Concrete resurfacing is a great way for any homeowner to obtain a brand new surface for a lower price than what a newer surface would cost. This process is also one that has gone through a form of revolution as of late as well and also fail to realize that even the most boring of gray slabs have the potential to completely transform their homes in a positive way.

concrete resufacing ideas

From floors to walls to walkways, the most mundane of surfaces can now be replaced by slabs that contain aspects such as the following:

  • Acid staining
  • Concrete stamping
  • Decorative etching
  • Concrete stenciling


Concrete is considered to be possibly the most versatile construction material in the entire world thanks in large part to not only its great structural capabilities, but also its wonderful aesthetic finish as well. Consider trying out different ideas on concrete in order to obtain a wonderful appearance.


What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Generally defined, concrete resurfacing, also commonly referred to as decorative resurfacing, involves transforming older concrete surfaces by utilizing newer-type technologies in order to give it a look that is both new and fresh. Many different methods are available to help make this happen and you have the power to choose the one that you feel suits you the best. For instance, you can either treat the existing surface or place a brand new surface over the existing one. Regardless of the method that you choose, you will be able to completely transform your home’s overall appearance.


How is Concrete Resurfacing Done?

Here are four great examples of popular concrete resurfacing methods:


Epoxy Floor Finish:

This provides resistance to slipping, fire, impacts, and chemicals. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that homeowners can utilize a do-it-yourself kit to perform this procedure themselves.


Limecoat Finish:

This is a finish that appears similar to actual stone and comes in either a quartz or limestone coating. This is used mainly in both residential and commercial environments, such as hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, and amusement parks; however, it was originally conceived to help restore historical buildings.


Stamped Concrete:

This method is done by employing finished operations with both textured mats and patterns on concrete that has been freshly laid. The finished look can also be enhanced by adding colors that imitate the appearance of natural brick or stone.


Spray-On Paving:

This is a polymer modified cement-based coating designed to be directly applied to any and all existing concrete surfaces. It also comes in many different colors that are available to choose from.


There are many different revolutionary techniques that people now utilize in order to create concrete surfaces that are truly attractive. For instance, one of these techniques includes flatwork, which really shows that concrete can be worked on in all sorts of different ways. At any time of concrete facing, professional concrete services will be able to sandblast, polish, cast, etc.


Before any of this can happen, a homeowner will first be required to determine whether a concrete surface is actually able to be resurfaced. For instance, the surface must first be completely free of any cracks, both minor and large, and the entire underlying area must also be completely sound as well. Any concrete surface that is damaged with cracks due to instances such as freezing is completely unsuitable to be resurfaced.


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