Concrete Resurfacing in Chatswood & Surrounding Areas

The process of renovating areas such as your concrete driveways was something that used to cost a lot of money. However, with our concrete resurfacing service in Chatswood, we are able to provide people with a solution that looks elegant and yet is extremely cost-effective.

Concrete Resurfacing Chatswood

This process has undergone a great many innovations over the years, which enables you to have surfaces on your driveway, patio, and pool area that are very attractive and beautiful.

People, however, don’t really understand all of the different qualities that concrete possesses. They typically tend to think of it as plain gray slabs; rather than stopping to think about what it can actually do to change the entire look of their home.

To make the exterior areas look even more exciting, we use techniques such as stenciling, etching, and stamping. All in all, concrete is extremely flexible, which means that in the end, it can have a look that is rather impressive.

Along with the aforementioned methods, there are other processes that you can try out to help make your concrete areas look more ornamental. It depends on the homeowner’s personal preferences as to which one is used.


This process can result in many different patterns being created. For instance, by using stamp-able overlays, you can create the illusion of brick or natural stone, while micro toppings can help give the appearance of a grainy-type look. Perhaps the most popular type of overlay is the spray down stencil finish. This is due to the fact that it is durable, reliable, and resistant.

Decorative Stencils

This involves selecting one of many stencils of your choice, applying it to the concrete surface, and placing a thin coat over the top of the entire thing. These types of stencils will allow you to create virtually any kind of design that you like. Some of the most common ways to use stencils include trowelling down and spray down.

Spray-on Paving

This is an option that can completely change the look of an entire concrete surface. The spray is designed by amending the polymer in a special fashion, and the spray itself is a cement-based coating, which can come in a variety of different colors.

In addition to Chatswood, we also provide services in Lane Cove, East Killara, Bellevue Hill and surrounding suburbs.